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Good for the wallet, Good for the Climate


KLUDI has been manufacturing premium fittings with a stylish design and enduring utility since 1926. From the tradition as a fittings specialist, the goal was created to combine the highest quality to use, perfect design and sustainability in a unique way. Thus the claim Water in Perfection finds unmistakable expression in our products as well as in all services we provide for our customers.

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Reduce our carbon foot print. 
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Quality Assurance & Environment Protection

The DIN ISO 9001:2015 standard aims to ensure customer satisfaction and product conformity. A powerful quality management system is therefore necessary to guarantee this. This enables us to flexibly prepare for changes due to market and customer requirements. Efficient quality assurance also makes a significant contribution. DIN EN ISO 9001

is the authorized distributor of KLUDI in Qatar

Water is energy - but how much?

Save water and Money

The energy required for hot water production in bathrooms and kitchens and the resulting costs are considerable. The energy advisory service of the Rhineland-Palatinate consumer advice centre provides the following comparison for Germany based on average values:


40 % energy savings.

100 % #stayfluid.

KLUDI's water-saving products are accompanied by enormous energy savings, because thanks to flow limitation, less water needs to be heated. Based on a study by the Ingolstadt University of Technology, it can be concluded that a 39° Celsius shower bath with a nine-liter overhead or hand shower from KLUDI saves 40% energy. This is clearly noticeable in the wallet and conserves resources and the environment.

KLUDI Technology

Reduce cost without sacrificing comfort 


KLUDI ECO flow limiter

Showerheads and basin mixers in the bathroom to kitchen faucets - the ECO technology integrated in many water-saving products limits the flow to up to 3.8 liters per minute, letting you save water and energy efficiently.


KLUDI ECO PLUS technology

KLUDI washbasin and kitchen fittings, this function ensures even greater energy efficiency, as only cold water flows instead of mixed water when the handle is in the standard middle position. This is good for the environment and your budget.


KLUDI SENSOR technology

Thanks to integrated infrared technology, water in KLUDI sensor fittings only flows when the sensor field is activated by hand movement - and this with a noticeably reduced flow rate anyway.


Five Liters or Less

per minute as standard

with our ingenious aerators technology, the water is enriched with air in this way the flow rate of our washbasin and kitchen fittings is reduced  to 5 liters or less per minute.  So you can #stayfluid in complete relaxation.


Save up to tap water


German Design & Engineering

Products that are made in Germany are held in high esteem around the world. They are associated with German engineering and pioneering technologies, craftsmanship and excellent design, outstanding, reliable quality and durability – as well as with KLUDI quality standards.


Sustainable Packaging Concept


Transition to Environmentally friendly packaging

Simple. Sustainable. Plastic Free.

This change is hard to miss. A new sustainable packaging concept has replaced our standard packaging for all three series in the range. Not only does the packaging look and feel good, it’s also certified. 


Corrugated Cardboard

The packaging box is made from FSC Mix-certified corrugated cardboard, which is known for its sturdiness. At least 85% of the cardboard is made from recycled waste paper and only a small amount of energy is required for its manufacture.


No more plastic bags

In line with our aspiration for plastic-free packaging, we are now using ecological bags. although they look like plastic, they are biodegradable. These new bags are made from cornstarch, which is obtained from the residual material leftover from food production, e.g. potato skins.

Natural Glue

For our packaging we use corn, wheat or potato starch -based glue, a combination of the three, Starch glue has a low viscosity but can still be applied evenly over the entire width of the corrugating machine with modern gluing units. Ergo, less is more.


Water-based printing inks

to make the packaging easier and thus even more environmentally friendly, we have scaled back to use just a single-color print process with water-based ink instead of environmentally harmful UV color.


Pure Function. All you need.

combines three fitting styles to help you plan individual spaces optimally. All three combine trend-focused design and first-class brand quality with excellent value for money.


For Anyone.
KLUDI is your number one for modern yet accessible interior design. In association with our specialist partners, we want to help you create timelessly beautiful bathrooms for private & commercial residential construction projects and in the hotel sector, while maximizing profitability.



The extremely filigree design not only embodies lightness and transcendence, but also reduces the use of materials. Also the ecological footprint reduced in the way meets the requirements of contemporary sustainability.

Living in Style

Contemporary, Modern Classic, Puristic, Avantgarde – the Smart Luxury range opens up a variety of options for sophisticated bathroom design. A fit for every style. After all, interior design is all about finding a personal touch.


Your personal experience

An experience that refreshes all of the senses and provides a moment of total relaxation – KLUDI shower heads and shower systems are miniature technical masterpieces designed to make shower dreams come true.


Perfect design - intuitive operation. The KLUDI Cockpit shower system make showering a true experience for all the senses - perfect design, premium materials, intuitive and simple operation, technical refinement & genuine quality Made in Germany.


Performance for Life

The KLUDI brand, like hardly any other, stands for the highest level of competence in design and function when it comes to fittings for the kitchen. And for innovative functions that take on award-winning forms. The Kitchen Competence concept combines outstanding functions in a clear range to make things as easy as possible for you


Sensor fittings

for bathroom & kitchens

Electronic fittings on washbasins and sinks have been designed with sophisticated sensor technology and innovative features. They bring specific benefits: economical use of energy and drinking water, sturdiness combined with simple and reliable operation – not to mention the innovative design make this fittings class stand out.

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