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Sustainable, Eco-Friendly

Reduce energy and water use, cut waste, and are more affordable to operate.

Sustainable produced and packaged ecofriendly architectural products for the building material industry.
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ProGreen Trading by Nabina Holding is a newly established company with a mission and vision towards the future of sustainable architectural building materials and technology including hygienic hands-free use.

About Us

About Us

ProGreen have already and will continue to form alliances with well known brands and new manufacturers that must comply to ISO 14001:2015 " Environmental Management Systems" and assist project to comply to the highest GSAS & LEED requirements.

Great emphasis is placed on our product range packaging, life span, and eco friendly use.
ProGreen have no limits, we are ready to tackle any challenges working toward net carbon zero.

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Our Commitment



The ProGreen Trading team believes nothing is impossible when it comes to sustainability and eco-friendly products. With a dedicated and experienced team, we are ready to tackle any challenge and take advantage of new opportunities, helping to conserve the ecological balance of our environment.



It is our goal at ProGreen Trading to keep up with future architectural trends, product technology, promote continuous education and training for our dedicated team, and provide greener more eco-friendly products in pursuit of net carbon zero.



ProGreen Trading operates with a 100% commitment to integrity, transparency, and ethical business practice.



ProGreen Trading can be entrusted to interact and educate our customers on the benefits of sustainability and green use architectural products and technology within our industry.


Our Vision

To be Qatar’s favorite customer focused and trusted company to select, distribute, specify, and purchase sustainable produced and packaged ecofriendly architectural products for the building material industry.

To build a company where our customers can visit and discover new products and technology that is working towards Net Carbon Zero.

We will be unique with special “Planet Shaper”, ideas and long-life span products.

We will go beyond delivering environment and sustainable architectural products within our industry and expertise. As a green company we will ensure that all our partners and manufacturers confirm with ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental Management System”.

We will strive not only to reduce wasteful packaging, but also ensure that all packaging is from 100% recycled material.

Sustainable produced and packaged ecofriendly architectural products for the building material industry.

We will be a leader in promoting ecofriendly and sustainable products for our customers within construction projects there by helping to protect and sustain our planet and reduce resource need. A large emphasis is placed on every stage of the life cycle of our product range, from development, manufacture, eco-friendly use, long life span and disposal

Our Partners

Our Partners

ProGreen Trading is committed to establishing strong relationships with its customers and business partners. In order to provide sustainable and eco-friendly products, ProGreen Trading establishes alliances with sustainable and ecofriendly manufacturers.

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